Room to Breathe Feldenkrais Residential

“Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance”

Moshe Feldenkrais

Course Description
The focus of this workshop will be on breathing and singing. This two-day residential will provide the opportunity to examine your own holding patterns using Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons.  The Feldenkrais Method does this by asking questions, not giving answers. It encourages inquisitiveness rather than establishing facts. Its focus is on slowing down, reducing effort and increasing an awareness of process rather than goals. Throughout our lives we are shaped by our environment and develop detrimental holding patterns both physically and emotionally. The first place that these show up is in our breathing which will, of course, affect our singing.

About Anita

Anita is a fully certified Feldenkrais Practioner, integrating it into her singing teaching and giving group ATM and individual Feldenkrais lessons. She has presented workshops for the British Voice Association, Voice Workshop and at Leeds College of Music.

Course Content

What would it be like to find the freedom throughout the system to allow the whole self to be involved and respond during the act of breathing?  Given the room, the diaphragm knows what to do but how can we achieve that?  During the two days, you will have time to explore all the parts of the breathing mechanism to be able to develop an easier and more efficient inspiration.  We will also look at the other elements of the breathing cycle, how to develop more choices in the way we use the breath, tracking, as we go and the effect on the voice.

Who can take the course?

The size of the group is limited due to close supervision.  The maximum number is 15

And it is open to all singing teachers.

Dates and Fees

Fee:  £350 (VAT Inclusive) The fee covers the cost of the 2-day course, 1 nights’ accommodation, breakfast, all day tea and coffee and lunch on both days.

Dates:  Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th February 2018. (Half term week)

Tutor:  Anita Morrison.

Venue:  North Colchester Business Centre, 340 The Crescent, Colchester, Essex CO4 9AD.

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“I found the Feldenkrais and the Voice workshop extremely eye opening and I left with a whole new way of thinking. Anita is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth which made learning from her an absolute pleasure. Highly recommended!”

Gemma Milburn, September 17

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