Post Graduate Certificate Professional Practice


This course is currently being re-structured to become an MA. The next cohort will be March 2018.

Course Description
Working in conjunction with Cardiff Metropolitan University a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice is now available. Voice Workshop offers a distinct academic training programme specifically designed to facilitate the exploration of academic research, delivered by Dr Jenevora Williams and ENT Consultant, Declan Costello. The complementary work-based learning programme offered by Cardiff Metropolitan University will then allow you to research, build and design relevant strategies and tools relevant to your field of expertise. The course carries 60 Higher Education credits at level 7 and is ideal for learners who wish to engage in work-based learning in a flexible way.

The Aim
The aim of the process is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the vocal mechanism and how it applies to the teaching of singing. It is designed to enable anatomical information to be applied in a practical context within either the private studio or classroom setting. It seeks to empower teachers with both a thorough knowledge of vocal pedagogy as well as a set of practical tools that can be used to enhance teaching.

It is ideal for those who are working as vocal coaches or for those considering entering into the profession. As the link between science and art is a relatively new discipline, the course is also ideal for those from a music background who wish to gain a firmer understanding of vocal pedagogy.

This highly flexible programme will offer you the opportunity to attain academic recognition for the skills, knowledge and experience that you have already gained in the workplace with a specific focus on the area of vocal pedagogy as well as other areas of relevant study. The modules have been purposefully designed to help you review and analyse the current debates relevant to the professional context in which you are working. The course will consist of two key stages:

Stage One: Studying Vocal Pedagogy

This will be achieved through a taught element by Dr Jenevora Williams and Declan Costello. You will be guided through an extensive reading list and a number of tutorial sessions designed to develop you as a practitioner by honing your expertise. You will also identify potential areas of interest and research. You will then take this expertise to evaluate your chosen area of practice through the completion of stage two. This course facilitates the exploration of a diverse and often conflicting field. You will be able to carve out your own pathway and draw your own conclusions. In addition to this, the Cardiff Metropolitan University Applied Professional Practice pathway enables you to make vital links between theory and industry and as the course has evolved, many students have been offered work as a result of their research and links forged with external bodies.

Stage Two: The Course Will Consist of Three Key Modules

Module 1: Recognising prior learning / Reflective Practice Module
The purpose of this module is to enable you to review both past and current knowledge of vocal pedagogy and other relevant areas through the process of critical reflection. It will enable you to develop analytical and evaluative skills and consider your personal development in an academic setting. On successful completion of the module you will be able to:

• Identify and evidence your own prior learning from a range of sources
• Reflect on the range, depth and impact of learning to date You will build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your learning. The portfolio will be reflective and evidence based.

Module 2: Research Methods
This module is designed to equip you with knowledge of research methods concentrating on the development of a hypothesis:

• Methods of collecting and analysing quantitative and qualitative research
• Hypothesis testing
• Correlation, regression and forecasting models and the use of different tests.

This module consists of a research proposal followed by a research report. Some of the research topics undertaken by the current cohort include:

Strategies for working with aging voice, the importance of alignment in belt voice, the creation of a postural methodology, warm-ups for music directors, the development of practice aids, songwriting as a support tool for teenagers, breathing methodology for the triple threat performer, embedding performance anxiety strategies into the teaching curriculum and acting pedagogy as a vehicle for teaching group singing.

Module 3: Work-based learning project
The aim of this module is to apply established theories and practices in the field of study to a work-related complex problem. This could relate to either theoretical or practical problems. By the end of this module you will be able to:

• Critically analyse a complex, work-based problem
• Identify established theories and practices relevant to the problem
• Apply established theories and practices to the problem
• Evaluate and critically analyse the results

All three modules will be overseen by specialists from Cardiff Metropolitan University. You will be given a Cardiff Metropolitan University handbook before you begin this process.


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18 Months


The course will be taught in Reading and the March 2018 dates are now available.

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If you’re looking for an opportunity to explore the voice in greater depth but with the freedom to choose your own research pathway, then this course is certainly worth more than just consideration.The online resources have been invaluable, but manageable. Similarly, the assignment deadlines have kept me focused and dedicated, whilst allowing time for my career, my family and other general life distractions.Studying alongside other incredible vocal teachers has been beautifully inspiring: we’ve relished and shared our respective expertise to improve our skills and build an exceptional network of friends and colleagues. That alone, is invaluable.

Debbie provides courses that are both enriching and engaging. If you’re hungry to become a better voice tutor, to read more amazing research and to share your own ideas with others, then I urge you to get involved. As well as building on my existing knowledge, I’ve been privileged to enjoy the company of like-minded, enthusiastic voice teachers and I’ve had a great time on the journey so far!

KJ Thomson Vocal Coach

Owner & Founder

The Postgraduate Certificate course has been such a great experience so far. It has introduced me to the procedures involved in research and has sparked my interest and enthusiasm for more knowledge in this area. The tutors have been exceptionally supportive, sharing with us their extensive knowledge and providing motivation and inspiration throughout. I also have huge respect for the passionate and creative individuals on the course and really value the network that has formed from our participation. I am very grateful to Voice Workshop for hosting this course so professionally and now have to surrender to the fact that due to their sowing of the research seed I will probably be studying forever watching it grow! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone hungry for knowledge in this subject.

Jai Ramage

Dr Jenevora Williams

Dr Declan Costello

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