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Voice Workshop Ltd aims to provide continuing professional development for vocal coaches and singing teachers. We aim to provide workshops delivered by industry experts who can share up-to-date voice research and disseminate good practice. Voice Workshop only endorses voice trainers who are leading specialists within their field of expertise. Workshops are small-scale with lunch and refreshments provided. Every care is taken to ensure that venue directions are provided and you will be met by an on-hand guide at the beginning of every course.

**Call For Papers Submission Deadline Friday 5th January 2018**
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Recent & Upcoming Courses

Feldenkrais Residential

12th and 13th February 2018

Singing and Speaking

15th and 16th February 2018

Teaching Young Voices

4th, 5th and 6th April 2018

Kenneth Bozeman

27th and 28th April 2018

Voice Geek Conference

29th April 2018

Advanced Anatomy for the Voice Professional

Sunday 29th, Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st July 2018

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@NicRedmanVoice That is really interesting and valuable feedback. Thanks - I will develop something.
2 days ago
@marionmyh PM me your email address and I can let you know about it.
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@ellenmhart @NicRedmanVoice Thanks for your input. Is there not much available at the moment?
3 days ago
@NicRedmanVoice Thanks Nic, that's very helpful!
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Very excited that Dr Jenevora Williams will be launching the second edition of her new book: Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults at the Voice Geek Conference on April 29th.


Suzi Burgerova - Singer & Vocal Coach

“Being passionate about Vocal Coaching I look for workshops that will expand my knowledge and Jenevora’s ‘Working with Young Voices’ was certainly what I was looking for! Informative, well explained, very well organised by Debbie and ever so helpful with tips and exercises.”
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Katharine Hawnt - Soprano and Teacher

“A relaxed and informative workshop from a true expert in her field. An invaluable opportunity to have questions answered and confusion clarified. The whole day was both professionally presented and arranged and well worth the trip.”
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Dan Miller

“This course will prove highly useful to anyone wishing to develop their pedagogical thought / style, their knowledge of anatomy and recent scientific developments, and their aptitude as a researcher. The staff are exceedingly knowledgeable and diligent, always individually tailoring and going the extra mile, and the ‘pupils’ themselves have already attained a high level and are extremely interesting; the debate and access to inquiring knowledgeable minds would in itself be worth it.”
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Glenys Groves - Soprano

“I just wanted to say thank you for organising the “Changing Perspectives” workshop with Mary King. I thought it gave us exactly what we had signed up for – an enormously interesting (and eye-opening!) insight into the difference in style and way of approach when preparing Musical Theatre songs for current professional productions.”
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Claire Harris – Singer & Teacher

“The endoscopy workshop with Dr Declan Costello was fascinating and insightful.I now feel far more confident about my knowledge of vocal anatomy and pathology and happy that I would recognise when it may be necessary to seek medical advice. The workshop was incredibly informative and Dr Costello is very approachable and was happy to explain things in further detail if anyone needed clarification.”
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Jess Blatchley - Head of Voice at Liberatus School

“I had such an informative and worthwhile day at the last workshop and am very interested in staying connected and informed about future events.”
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“A wonderfully diverse group of professionals to share ideas and experiences with whilst learning new information taught by true experts.  Debbie was wonderful and happy to help!”
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“Whilst examining the actual science, I feel like people should understand that “simplicity is bliss” and the voice is complex, I found all the course useful, some of immediate practical value”
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Glenys Groves, Sept 2017

‘Just to thank you for the great two days with Mary.  Only downside was that I think we could have easily filled three days – so many fascinating subjects to discuss and interesting fellow participants!

Mary was, as usual, an inspiration and the whole workshop was well thought out and executed.  It was informative, reassuring – and above all – fun!!’

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Alexander Wynne, Sept 2017

“It was great to meet you today and thank you for organising such a fantastic couple of days. I can’t wait to try out everything we worked on and it was great to meet with such a positive and versatile group of singers. Mary has such incredible energy and we managed to cover so much!”
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Eileen Pinkarchevski, Sept 17

‘I really enjoyed the course with Mary and felt I learned a lot which is already proving helpful in my teaching and my own personal development & understanding’
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