“A wonderfully diverse group of professionals to share ideas and experiences with whilst learning new information taught by true experts. Debbie was wonderful and happy to help!”

“Whilst examining the actual science, I feel like people should understand that “simplicity is bliss” and the voice is complex, I found all the course useful, some of immediate practical value”

The Postgraduate Certificate course has been such a great experience so far. It has introduced me to the procedures involved in research and has sparked my interest and enthusiasm for more knowledge in this area. The tutors have been exceptionally supportive, sharing with us their extensive knowledge and providing motivation and inspiration throughout. I also have huge respect for the passionate and creative individuals on the course and really value the network that has formed from our participation. I am very grateful to Voice Workshop for hosting this course so professionally and now have to surrender to the fact that due to their sowing of the research seed I will probably be studying forever watching it grow! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone hungry for knowledge in this subject.

Jai Ramage

After much time searching for a course that would really help further my understanding of the voice and enhance my teaching skills, I found Voice Workshop’s vocal pedagogy course which leads to a Postgraduate Certificate. I am currently half way through the course, and cannot express enough how much I have learnt so far.

The lectures are delivered by top professionals in their field, who are as passionate about their subject as we the students are about learning. The course is well organised, extremely informative, and there has been support and encouragement every step of the way so far.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for the voice, and would like to learn alongside other like-minded voice professionals. It will not only give you an academic qualification, but will nurture you into becoming a more confident and knowledgeable voice specialist.

Tracy King

This course will prove highly useful to anyone wishing to develop their pedagogical thought / style, their knowledge of anatomy and recent scientific developments, and their aptitude as a researcher. The staff are exceedingly knowledgeable and diligent, always individually tailoring and going the extra mile, and the ‘pupils’ themselves have already attained a high level and are extremely interesting; the debate and access to inquiring knowledgeable minds would in itself be worth it..

Dan Miller

I am presently a student of the postgraduate certificate and have also attended several Voice Workshops over the past few years.

All events/sessions are organised extremely well to a professional level with great customer service and at a great price for what you’re gaining!

As a student of the Post Graduate Certificate, I have found the course so far extremely insightful and exciting. I have learnt more than I ever imagined (in some areas that I hadn’t even considered as a Vocal Teacher!) and come together with a talented and versatile bunch of teachers/specialists/vocalists who I have been able to make a great networking connection with.

Voice Workshop understand the complexity of full time teachers/specialists studying alongside their job role and are extremely supportive, encouraging and accessible every step of the way. I would recommend anyone who is hoping to learn more about vocal teaching and wanting to achieve academic evidence of their knowledge in the vocal world, to get involved in this course.

It has personally led myself to the determination of completing a full Masters in the subject area and possibly even PhD research in the not too distant future..!

Carrie Birmingham

I am currently half way through the post graduate degree in vocal pedagogy. The past year has been a wonderful learning experience. Leading experts in the industry delivering this unique and very high quality course. I highly recommend it to singers, teachers and other professionals working with the voice. Consistent and endless one to one support from the course leaders who are passionate and well informed on the subject matter. As a result of my research project on this course I have become an advisory on a UK study delving into music and depression. Thank You for helping to make this happen!

Sophie Garner

As a singer and singing teacher for many years I was thrilled to finally discover a course that could teach me exactly what was going on physically during the process of singing. So much of what I have learned over the years of my own singing lessons was based, not on science, but a mix of trial and error, singing myths, and methods based on little research. It was also a relief to find that some of it was actually correct! This kind of course ought to be mandatory for vocal pedagogues.

Christabel Cossins

A super 3 days. Did exactly what was advertised. From the first enquiry I was very impressed. Great communication from the admin side. As for the course: A superb set up, clear teaching, and beautiful venue. A wonderful course which has inspired me to delve more. Lots of useful resources to take away and Dr Jenevora is just a wealth of inspiration and knowledge. 
A really welcoming atmosphere was created. 
A hugely rewarding course. The most beneficial I’ve done yet in my 11 years of teaching.

Amelia Regnante

Had an amazing three days on the teaching young voices course with Dr Jenevora Williams. Lots of knowledge gained on a subject I love, great meeting others in the same field and really well organised.

Rachel Marsh

Many thanks Debbie for an excellent course:  It will have a really big impact on the way we teach singing in Sheffield Music Hub.

Peter Taylor

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