My background is a combination of music and academia. In terms of music, I sang professionally at the National Theatre and The Jazz Stage, Wavendon. I ran also my own jazz club, promoting the best of British Jazz alongside a music collective established to provide opportunities for jazz musicians. My debut solo album ‘Red Song’ received positive acclaim and was played regularly on UK Jazz Radio where I was the featured artist of the month. I was also cited on Allaboutjazz as the best newcomer of 2011 by Jazz reviewer, Bruce Lindsay. I’m no longer active in the jazz scene but sing regularly as part of a busy three part harmony trio.


With regards to my educational background, I Initially studied law to degree level and have an MA from Leicester University. I moved into lecturing, working at Leicester University, De Montfort University and latterly Colchester Sixth Form College. I have always been active in the field of education and I contributed to an MA distance learning programme at Leicester University where I wrote both course material and assessed postgraduate work. I also devised course materials for students at Colchester Sixth Form College where I was formerly Head of AS Law.

As I began to move from education into voice, I wanted to learn how the voice worked anatomically. I was acutely aware of the limitations of my own voice and was eager to gain a deeper understanding. I found the options for study in the area of vocal pedagogy to be limited and I began to run one-off workshops as a way of enhancing my own understanding. It’s been a privilege to host a number of sessions with leading specialists such as Dr Jenevora Williams, Declan Costello, Mary King and Meribeth Dayme.

I approached Cardiff Metropolitan University with a view to potentially devising a pathway forward and they suggested a highly innovative work-based programme that facilitates research into specialist areas.

Teaming up with Dr Jenevora Williams, we devised a specific academic training programme designed to explore research within the field of voice. The Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Professional Practice enables this research to be further developed and explored. This process was described as a ‘much needed innovation’ by Professor Graham Welch – Institute of Education and it was also featured on radio 3, Science and Singing programme presented by Mary King.

I am currently working on my PhD proposal specialising in work based learning and voice education. I have written an exemplar portfolio and course guidance material for the Applied Professional Practice Postgraduate Certificate and teach the reflective practice, research methods and work based learning project components on this course alongside Cardiff Metropolitan University. I am also a regular contributor to ISING magazine and have written several reviews for Plural Publishing.

Voice Workshop was born out of a passion for vocal pedagogy and a desire to learn. My aim is to provide high quality teacher training for those working within the industry. I have a multi-disciplinary ethos to the study of the voice and I enjoy working collaboratively with other organisations.

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